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Tax Debt Relief for Americans
Stop IRS Collections. Lower the Amount You Owe.
Our expert staff of tax debt relief professionals  can help taxpayers significantly lower the amount of taxes they owe with a fresh start program.

Call our staff of tax  relief attorneys, CPAs and enrolled agents for a complimentary tax review. 

You may qualify for:

Offer in Compromise
Currently Non Collectible
Bank Levy Release
Wage Garnishment Removal
Tax Debt Relief 
and more...
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More Money In Your Pocket.
If you have a tax debt from a state or IRS  tax bill  you may qualify for tax debt relief.  Claim your free  tax relief consultation. Lower your monthly payments.  Lower Your Tax Debt.
Protect Yourself.
 Stop IRS Collections. 
 Protect against IRS wage garnishments.  Stop Bank Levies.

Reduce Or Settle Your Tax Debt for less than you owe with a tax relief program.  

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*Please note. This Feature is for Urgent Tax Relief Matters ONLY.  
" they got my taxes reduced from over $30,000 to $200! ."
~ Dennis P:  
Happy My Tax Hero Client    ~
Behind In IRS Taxes?
We Help You Get Ahead
My Tax Hero's authentic staff of tax debt relief professionals can help almost anyone who qualifies get a fresh start .  Our Experts offer proven results with a guarantee.    

We use simple IRS guidelines to ensure maximum IRS Debt Settlement.  You may be one of Millions of Americans who NOW qualifies for a negotiated settlement with an IRS tax relief program. 
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My Tax Hero Helps With:

  • Tax Garnishments -  Same day service available for those who qualify.
  • IRS and State Levies -  Did the IRS Freeze Your Paycheck?  Time is limited to reverse a state or IRS Tax Levy on Your Bank Account.
  • ​OIC Tax Forgiveness - If you owe more in tax debt than you can afford to pay, you may qualify for tax relief through a fresh start program.
  • ​Audit Representation- Don't Fight the IRS Alone. Our Tax Attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents can Help Reduce Your Tax Debt.
  • ​Notice of Intent to Levy -  We Protect our Clients from Direct IRS Threats by Contacting  the IRS for them.
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